Safe Credit


Who says too many credit cards is a bad thing?

A wallet stuffed with twenty cards saved a German bouncer from being stabbed by an unruly bar patron. Police say a customer was ejected from the pub for having one too many drinks. Unhappy with this, the customer stabbed the 31 year old bouncer four times in the chest. But the bouncer’s fat wallet that he keeps in his breast pocket saved him from getting pierced by the knife. An inspector on the case says the wallet and cards acted as a protective vest and prevented a more serious incident.

The inspector says along with a collection of credit and bank cards the bouncer’s wallet also held quite a few video rental cards. And it’s a good thing he likes having so many options. The inspector says fewer cards wouldn’t have prevented a successful stabbing. Lady luck might also have played a part in his survival. The doorman says he usually doesn’t carry his wallet to work with him. Most people carry credit cards in case of an emergency, but I’m not sure this is what they had in mind.