Grounded By Wildlife


Qantas airlines can’t seem to catch a break. After being grounded by engine explosions and mechanical failures their planes are not being plagued by wildlife.

A domestic flight from Melbourne Australia to Adelaide Australia was held on the runway for almost an hour after crews reported trouble loading some of the cargo. The problem came in the form of a cheetah that was being transferred between zoos. The pilot was quoted as apologizing for the delay, and telling passengers they were having problems with the cheetah. The flight finally took off without the large cat which ended up being loaded onto a later flight.

A Qantas spokesperson says it’s not unusual for them to travel with wildlife. The spokesperson says they have carried fairy penguins, crocodiles and hippopotami on planes. It is however unusual for an animal to cause so much trouble that the plane can’t leave the runway. This latest delay comes after the airline decided to ground its fleet of airbus A380 jumbo jets after an engine failed in mid-air. The airline is currently investigating the problem. For now they might want to stay away from wildlife and focus on flying, before the competition flies away with the passengers.