A Pot of Gold


Thanks to some golden donations it’s going to be a very merry Christmas for the Salvation Army.

The Salvation Army’s red kettles are hanging a bit heavier after some very generous donations. The charity says anonymous donors are leaving gold coins in kettles across the country. So far there have been reports of gold found in Indiana, California and Chicago.

The South Bend Tribune reports someone dropped a one once U.S. gold coin in a kettle in northern Indiana. The coin was wrapped in a one hundred dollar bill and is worth about fourteen hundred dollars. In a nearby city a South African Krugerrand worth more than $1,500 was found. The charity is also reporting gold coins showing up in kettles in Chicago and four of the cities surrounding suburbs.

And the generosity is spreading. About a week ago Salvation Army workers reported finding a 1969 Canadian gold coin near Santa Cruz County in California. The coin is worth at least $1,400. The charity also received four one thousand dollar checks from the same area. But despite the goodwill of some the charity reports that donations are down this year. Even with their pots of gold.