A Charitable Connection


Feeling a little charitable this holiday season? A new website could help you tap into your spirit of giving.

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes launched a new venture earlier this week aimed at the big hearted. Called Jumo.com the purpose of the site is to connect people who are already working to improve the lives of others with those who want to do the same but isn’t sure where to start.

Hughes who left Facebook in 2007 to work on the online arm of President Obama’s campaign says the mission of Jumo is to use networking technology to connect people working for global change. Users join Jumo via Facebook and once there will be connected to various issues and organizations that range from health care to human rights. Users will also receive news and updates about causes they’re interested in and be able to donate time, money and skills. Hughes says the explosion of new technology such as cell phones and the internet make it easier for people to share their work and passions and improve our quality of activism.

We can now connect with people all over the world. Perhaps it’s time to put that technology to help those in need.

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