A Catty Election


Midterm elections are weeks away and it’s getting nasty.

Recently I spoke with former San Francisco mayor Willie Brown about the upcoming election, and as usual the lifelong democrat had plenty to say. Brown says what’s interesting about this time around is that the republicans and the tea party seem to be putting the women in the front seat and the democrats are fumbling around. Brown says the men can’t handle it when the women get confrontational and the race has been reduced to a clash of personalities as even the hottest issues like the economy take a backseat to backlash. Brown says these troubled times have become nothing more than a weapon of words.

“They’re using the economy to get an opportunity to be heard. The minute that they are heard they literally go for the throat using whatever is out there.”

Brown says that includes Republicans criticizing Senator Harry Reid’s wealth and Democrats saying Senate Candidate Christine O’Donnell once claimed she was a witch. But come November 3rd, Brown says the democrats will remain in power. We’ll see if he’s right.