A Seasonal Business Boom


With the holiday’s right around the corner, people are already feeling the spirit. And this year this means good news for the unemployed.

Last year’s holiday season was a little dismal with most people feeling the recession’s pinch. But now consumer confidence is up and stores are getting out the help wanted signs in anticipation of long lines and big crowds. The electronics chain Best Buy is planning to hire 29,000 seasonal workers. The company also plans to spend more on promotions this year and open about 50 mobile product locations to boost the sale of smart phones.

Toys r Us is jumping on the holiday bandwagon as well opening 600 express stores and hiring 45,000 additional workers. Of these new employees, a company spokesperson says the majority of them will be working in the main stores and about 10,000 new hires will be sent to the mobile location. People who currently work for the toy supercenter will be given the opportunity for overtime at their current store or nearby locations. So polish up your resume, experts say seasonal work is a foot in the door for full time employment.

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