Toilet Bowl Tours


Who needs the Berlin wall, when you have famous bathrooms?

For tourists tired of the stereotypical spots Berlin tour guide Anne Haase came up with the idea of a tour highlighting the German cities most famous restrooms. She came up with the idea while attending the annual international tourist guide day. Thinking most of her colleagues would be taking visitors to parks and churches she decided to stir up the pot.

So her tour groups visit bathrooms that range from biblical times to present day and feature everything from the oldest toilet to one that costs as much as a small car. Haase says at first people turn their noses up at the idea of spending the day in the bathroom, but at day’s end are surprised by the interesting things they learned. Haase says her tour is now in high demand, especially from clubs and societies with a specific or professional interest in plumbing.

Tour highlights include a visit to a toilet dating back to the 19th century and a trip to the emperor’s fully restored bathroom at the Potsdamer Plaza Square. Who knew a tour of the toilet bowl would mean a shot at success?

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