Danger Abroad


Looking for an out of the ordinary vacation? How about witnessing violent crimes and being chased by the police?

While most people head to Mexico for the beach and some umbrella drinks, tourist agencies are noticing a surge in people looking for something a little out of the ordinary. So these agencies are offering trips to remote mountain areas, cities over-run with rebels and dangerous neighborhoods.

One of the more popular get-aways is to the town of Tepito, in Mexico City. Here tourists can take a safari into the world of drugs and prostitution. Or for $15 tourists can have their own immigration experience in the central state of Hidalgo. Here tourists are told to dress simply, wade through a river and hide in the bush. Anyone who doesn’t move fast enough or keep up with the guide gets thrown into the back of a mock border patrol truck.

These trips started six years ago to call attention to the lifestyle of undocumented immigrants. And now people are using them as an escape from their day to day lives. I wonder what kind of insurance you have to buy for these trips. Risking your life can’t be cheap.