A Million Dollar Fixer Upper

mansion 2.png

There’s a new home on the market in Florida that contains everything you would ever need in a house. As long as you don’t need walls, insulation or flooring.

The mansion located near Orlando is nicknamed Versailles and along with 90,000 square feet boasts a price tag of $75 million dollars. And if that price doesn’t break the bank you will find yourself the proud owner of 23 bathrooms, 13 bedrooms, 10 kitchens and a 20 car garage. The only thing you won’t get is a completed house.

The mansion is owned by time share mogul David Siegel and construction was halted when his business took a hit from the recession. Now it’s on the market for sale as is, but if a potential buyer is willing to toss in another $25 million, construction will be completed. The asking price is the third highest in the entire country. But if you’re pockets are big enough the home also contains a bowling alley, roller rink and baseball field. And at twice the size of the White House it makes the home of neighbor Tiger Woods look like a bungalow. Perfect bragging rights, as long as you can afford the property taxes.

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