Driving Away With the Competition


Japanese driving schools are in need of students and the competition is revving up.

In order to drive off with the dwindling number of prospective driving students, schools in Japan are starting to offer more than just lessons. Like most companies driving schools are facing a shrinking population because more people are holding tight to their cash. So along with instruction, schools are offering everything from Hawaiian massage to luxury vehicles.

The Musashi Sakai School is targeting women customers. Their students can choose from extra services such as manicures and aromatherapy to relieve driving fatigue. The head of the school says it’s harder to get new customers compared with before. He says the number of people getting driver’s licenses has dropped by more than half in the past two decades while the number of schools competing has remained the same.

To pull in their share of students, Koyama Driving School allows them the use of BMW’s for their lesson and motorcycle students will take classes with Harley Davidson’s. Koyama also offers classes in English, sign language and provides handi-cap access cars. In today’s cut throat business environment, companies need to do whatever it takes to get customers in the door, or onto the street.