A Macbook Makeover


Last weekend Apple opened their doors to consumers anxious to get their hands on an iPad. This week Apple is revamping an older product to give it a fighting chance against a younger generation of technology.

Apple recently announced they would be upgrading their Macbook Pro laptops with faster processors, better graphics and a longer battery life. The 13-inch model from the sleek line of laptops now boasts up to ten hours of battery life. Not bad for a starting price of about $1,100. But if you need more juice and don’t mind shelling out a few more bucks there’s the 15 inch and 17 inch models to consider. The company says both computers are 50% faster than before and can run on the battery alone for eight or nine hours. The smaller of the two will cost you about $1,800. Splurging for the bigger monitor will cost $2,300. Apple says the motive behind the makeover wasn’t financial but is to benefit the computer savvy consumer. And with more of our daily life going viral, the only things that might keep us connected are speed and longevity.