Tips From The Travel Detective


It's still winter, but the tourist travel season is fast approaching, first with Easter, then Spring Break and finally Summer vacation. So how can you avoid paying big bucks to travel in prime time?

CBS News Travel Editor Peter Greenberg has made it his career to find the best travel deals, tips and secrets he can pass on to you. Peter says finding the best deals depend on the calendar.

"The real problem with Easter travel is when is Easter? When is Spring Break? They overlap, you have to do your homework ahead of time to make sure you're not stuck in that bubble because if you are you will pay through the roof. The key is to go before Easter, go after Easter or go right in the middle between Easter and Spring Break and you'll be better off."

Greenberg says book your trips at least 45 days out, when airline computer profiles are set up to give you the best deals. To hear more tips from Greenberg on making your travel experience more enjoyable click on the video link. And to help make your next trip as easy as possible read more from Peter at You work hard for your money. Spend it wisely when you take a break.