Naked Animation

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In order to boost slumping sales, Playboy magazine has selected a television icon to appear on its November cover. And it’s a face you’ve laughed with for the past twenty years.

Marge Simpson, the blue haired mother of the Simpson family, is next month’s cover girl. She will be featured on the cover with her cartoon assets strategically covered by the signature playboy bunny chair. This marks the first time an animated character has been featured on the legendary magazine that’s been struggling with lower circulation. Its dropped 9 percent in just the past year.

Playboy says next month’s cover and three page spread of television’s favorite mom is meant to celebrate the show’s twentieth anniversary and appeal to a younger generation of readers. Scott Flanders is the chief executive of Playboy Enterprises, and says they are hoping to attract readers in their twenties as opposed to the average reader age of thirty five.

Flanders says this was a tongue in cheek idea and the issue will also feature a story titled “the devil in Marge Simpson.” Flanders says their drop in circulation can be blamed in part on the internet where racy pictures are free and plentiful; I guess not everyone buys the magazine just for the articles.

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