Best New Cars for Your Cash

There's nothing better than the sweet smell of a new car. Especially if your new car was the best buy for your buck and will give you peace of mind from any future threat of skyrocketing gas prices.

In April Consumer Reports will release its picks for the best in the car world. Through tests and research they list everything from the best truck to the best mini-van. And in this weak economy they are providing you with the five most fuel efficient new cars for their value. Consumer Reports Auto Content Specialist Mike Quincy says its about recouping your money over time of ownership.

"We figured out a new formula to calculate value which combines our road test scores, our reliability data and cost of ownership over five years. Really what it comes out to is, what's the cheapest way to have a car run for over a five year period?"

Quincy says this years top five list contains the Honda Fit, Honda Civic, Volkswagon Rabbit and BMW's Mini Cooper. To find out why Consumer Reports named the Toyota Prius to the top spot click on the video link. Don't let the price of oil put the brakes on your next road trip.