• Thank God we're living in a country where the sky's the limit, the stores are open late and you can shop in bed thanks to television.

    Joan Rivers

Holiday Shopping


We’re a week away from black Friday and stores are doing everything they can to get shoppers offline and in the store.

To satisfy people looking for the best deal Wal-Mart executives are telling store managers to price match Amazon and other online retailers. This is an extension of the company’s ad match program which allows customers to bring in ads from other stores.

If the competitor is offering a lower price, Wal-Mart will match that. But now with people heading online to complete their holiday shopping Wal-Mart is getting more aggressive. According to Forbes magazine this could also help Wal-Mart get on top of another shopping trend that’s stealing business.  read more »

A Tech Bubble


California's Silicon Valley might be a bubble of innovation; but is that bubble about to burst?

Peter Thiel is the author of “Zero to One;” a book that is being billed as one of the smartest ever written to teach people about economics. And with a background that includes co-founder of PayPal and the first outside investor in Facebook Thiel is an ideal teacher.

And despite selling his company to Ebay Thiel says companies today should not be in a big hurry to sell. He also doesn’t believe that Silicon Valley is in a tech bubble. He says in the 90’s there were about 300 tech IPO’s; today there’s around 40 and consumer enthusiasm is fading.  read more »

Kiss Connectivity


Looking for another way to share information? How about a kiss?

Most tech companies are churning out phones that are fast and thin with high quality screens. Now one man is focusing his attention on a new trick for your favorite hand held device. Tony Fadell is chairman of a Silicon Valley startup called Keyssa. The company is working on a technology it calls “kiss connectivity.”

That allows people to transfer data between devices in just seconds. And that data includes everything from personal notes to a full length movie. All you have to do is tap your phone or tablet to another device and watch the information fly.  read more »

Building a Business

sculley head shot.png

The tech industry is growing; and you might need a new set of tools.

John Sculley is the author of “Moon Shot” a book of strategies to build a successful business. And he should know; Sculley is also the former CEO of two of the world's biggest companies; Pepsi and Apple.

“What I learned by talking to business schools is that everything is focused around becoming a better manager but entrepreneurs have to learn how to become builders before they become managers.”  read more »

Quantum of the Seas


A new ship is setting sail and it could be the smartest vacation you’ll ever take.

Royal Caribbean is launching a new ship called “Quantum of the Seas.” And while it might not be the largest ship on the water it is the most technologically advanced. The 16 deck, 213 foot ship just completed its eight night maiden voyage from Southampton to Cape Liberty Cruise port in New Jersey.

The ship has just over 2,000 staterooms and can hold nearly 5,000 passengers. And those passengers won’t be short on things to do. Features include a bionic bar where robots make your drinks, a wave pool you can surf in and a skydiving simulator. And if you want to get an even better view there is the North Star; a capsule that offers a 360 degree view of the ocean from 300 feet in the air.  read more »

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