• You haven't seen a tree until you've seen its shadow from the sky.

    Amelia Earhart

The Great Airline Money Debate


U.S. airlines are making billions in profit. So can you expect cheaper ticket prices?

Thanks to rock bottom fuel prices, full flights and more fees domestic airlines are flying high. And most experts predict clear skies for the foreseeable future. And as opposed to past years when airlines cannibalized each other with fare wars and increased capacity, that is not happening right now.

Carriers are more disciplined, not adding more capacity that would mean empty seats. And thanks to technology their yield management is pricing their product to perfection. Want proof? Compare a ticket price three months out to two weeks out. It can double if you wait, and is called yield management.  read more »

Outdoor Cooking


Outdoor kitchens are cooking up some controversy.

In the San Francisco Bay Area stores that sell outdoor pizza ovens or smokers are seeing a surge in sales. The state's mild weather and food loving residents make it an ideal place to bring the kitchen out of your home and into the backyard. But not everyone is enjoying the taste.

People who live next door say their homes are filling up with smoke and making it tough to breathe. And some of them are calling complaint lines and urging officials to put limits on outdoor cooking. Right now the Bay Area Air Quality Management District enforces air standards for the nine counties and their 7.5 million people. Any limits would be enforced by them and would affect the entire area.  read more »

Social Stress

social media.png

Feeling a little stressed out? Hit up social media.

According to a new survey, sites such as Twitter and Instagram can relieve stress levels; especially in women. The pew research center surveyed 1,800 Americans and found that people who spend their life online do not have higher stress levels than people who don't.

It also found that while women have higher stress levels than men, being able to share things online eases the burden. The study showed that women who tweet, respond to or send at least 25 emails a day and share at least two pictures are less stressed than women who don't. Experts say these activities are a coping mechanism not taken advantage of by everyone.  read more »

The Name Game


If you’re hoping to advance your career, you’re going to need a good memory.

A job interview or your first day in a new office can be a nerve wracking experience. You only get one first impression so you want to make it a good one. But instead of worrying about what you're going to wear; worry about the first thing everyone you meet will tell you, their name.

According to professional career counselor Kim Thompson remembering someone's name says many things about you. For example it means you're a good listener and that you're paying attention. But despite sounding like an easy thing to do, most people forget your name as soon as you say it. Thompson says that's because when you're in a stressful situation you focus on yourself and everything else passes you by.  read more »

Bridesmaid For Hire


Hiring people to piece together your dream wedding? Now that can include the bridal party.

After being a bridesmaid multiple times and observing the stress that comes with a wedding Jen Glatz is offering up her services, with a business called “Bridesmaid For Hire.” But it's not just about slipping on the ugly dress and shedding some tears at the alter; Glatz is offering up full service support.  read more »

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