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    William M. Kelly

3D Buildings


Dubai has opened up a new building, and the only supplies the country needed to construct it was a printer.

As part of a drive to boost business and tourism Dubai is announcing that it has opened the world's first building made entirely by 3D printers. The government says in order to create the building a cement mixture was used and it was tested in both Britain and China.

The arc shaped office has a floor space of about 2,700 feet and was built in 17 days. And considering how expensive most new construction projects are this one was a steal at just $140,000. The office building will be used by the company that created it, the Dubai Future Foundation, and will located in the center of the city.  read more »

A Glimpse Around the World


Want to see the world? Facebook is offering you a free trip and all you need is a profile.

Facebook is now allowing users to check out what people all over the world are doing with its new live video map. It's available on the company's desktop site and shows you were people around the world are live streaming public videos.

So if someone is taking a trip out to the Great Barrier Reef you can go to. If you want to check out the weather in Portugal just click on a blue dot in your desired area. Each blue dot represents a streaming video, the bigger the dot the more viewers that person has. Hovering over a dot will show you its corresponding stream and shows you where else in the world people are watching from.  read more »

A Fashion Forward Jacket


Your next hi-tech device could be hanging in your closet.

Google has announced that it has partnered up with Levi’s to create a technology laced jacket that is set to be released next spring. It's called Jacquard and Google says the project has been in development since last year.

Besides being comfortable and resistant to the elements the jacket comes equipped with tiny sensors that connect to various services on your smartphone such as calls, texts, Google maps and Spotify. So if you're wearing the jacket and your phone rings you can wave your hand over the sleeve to either accept or decline the call. You can also run your finger up and down your wrist cuff to turn your music up and down or swipe to get to the next song.  read more »

Postmortem Voting


The race for the white house has gotten so heated that even the dearly departed are chiming in.

It appears more and more likely that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will battle it out to become our next president. And while their campaigns are preparing for the upcoming attacks, the recently deceased also want to make sure their opinion is heard. Over the past couple month’s obituaries are being published that not only tell the life story of the person who just passed, but they are also leaving behind their political preference.  read more »

Weight Loss Hackers


Hackers are looking for a way into your computer; and they're going through your insecurity.

According to a survey conducted by Intel security about 88% of consumers have clicked on an ad for some kind of diet or fitness program. The survey of 15,000 people between 21 and 54 also found that 30% had purchased something from those ads without knowing whether or not it’s a secure site. Experts say this is like buying pills from a person on the street corner without knowing what they are.

They say cyber criminals are getting smart and know that before summer hits people are looking to drop the extra pounds they picked up over the past few months. So it's pretty common to see more ads and emails promising a quick way to slim down.  read more »

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