• Name the greatest of all inventors. Accident.

    Mark Twain

Lucky Shot


For most students school is back in session, and for one incoming college freshman it's not going to cost a thing.

Ball State is a research university located in eastern Indiana. As part of its welcome back to school festivities the university holds a pep rally for freshman inside its arena. And at that rally one lucky student is giving the chance to shoot for a little extra money.

And this year Lem Turner of Illinois was selected. So he stepped up to the half court line and sent the ball flying. And when it sailed through the net turner scored himself a semester of free tuition. Turner is an out of state student so making that shot means he will be saving himself $9,700.  read more »

Drug Induced Flowers


There are a lot more flowers coming through the Miami airport and they're packing a pretty strong scent.

Officials with U.S. Customs and Border Protection say officers are regularly finding shipments of flowers laced with cocaine and heroin. They say over the past two years 80 pounds of the drugs have been found in the colorful arrangements.

Most of the shipments are coming in from Colombia and Ecuador and the drugs have been hidden inside the boxes or among the flowers themselves. But in most cases despite how fragrant the flower drug sniffing dogs are still able to sense that something isn't quite right. And officials have a lot of arrangements to sniff.  read more »

Ashley Madison


Worried about the Ashley Madison fallout? There are ways to check out how much trouble you’re in, or attempt to clear your name.

Ashley Madison is a site for people looking for a little affection from someone besides their spouse. Its mission statement was “Married? Life is short, have an affair.” But the site was hacked and the identities of all 37 million users are up for grabs. Now the question is, am I on there or is my spouse on there?

According to Yahoo Tech there are a couple of safe websites that search the emails linked to the hack. But here's the catch. Even if you find your significant other's email that doesn't mean they cheated.  read more »

Deleted Tweets


Politicians are known for sticking their feet in their mouths, but now there's a way to remove them.

Earlier this week Twitter shut down a network of sites dedicated to archiving deleted tweets from politicians around the world. The sites were run by the Open Space Foundation which announced that Twitter had suspended its access. In a statement to the foundation Twitter said “imagine how nerve racking it would be if tweeting was irrevocable.” It says it shut down the sites in defense of all its users even though the majority of deleted tweets being used were from politicians.  read more »

Traffic Jams


The economy is on the road to improvement, but we're all stuck in the traffic jam.

More people have jobs and the price of gas has dropped but of course with good news comes bad. According to the Texas Transportation Institute increased production and cheap prices at the pump means more people are on the roads.

According to the institute the average commuter spends 42 hours a year stuck in traffic. And besides your time it's also costing money. The institute reports that highway congestion costs $160 billion a year in lost productivity, gas burned and wear and tear on cars. And some cities are worse than others.  read more »

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