• Carefulness costs you nothing. Carelessness may cost you your life.

    Safety saying, circa early 1900s

App Security

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Is your favorite gadget loaded down with apps? They might be checking you out even more than you're looking at them.

When Pokémon Go launched, a principal architect at a security firm found that the game accessed all of his Google account information from his email to his photos. Since then Nintendo has released an update that claims to fix the problem but this won't be the last time the latest craze unlocks your phone to wandering eyes.

So to help keep you a little more secure Yahoo Tech is taking a look at how to tell what parts of your accounts an app is able to access. Plus they are giving you step by step instructions on how to shut them down.  read more »

Facebook At Work


It looks like the days of hiding how much you use Facebook at work could be numbered.

Facebook is working on a project called Facebook at work that could change the way we internally communicate with co-workers. It allows people to create a Facebook at work profile which can be used to keep in touch with co-workers, collaborate on a project and discuss topics in a group or private setting.  read more »

Pokemon Business


While you might be using Pokémon go for a little entertainment and exercise, others are cashing in on the animated phenomenon.

In case you missed it, Pokémon go is a game being played on smartphones that uses your GPS and clock to hunt down characters. It's gone viral with the app receiving more downloads than Tinder, Snapchat and Twitter.

Now one Mexican taxi driver is offering to drive people around to make their hunt a little easier. He says since the beginning of the week he's received dozens of calls from people accepting his offer. He charges just over $7 for the first hour of Pokémon hunting and each hour after that is another $5.  read more »

Annoying Tech Habits

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Technology can give you friends all around the world; unfortunately it can also be the reason they hate you.

Technology is a permanent fixture in our lives, but the obsession might not be giving off such a favorable impression. To draw a little light on some bad habits you might be guilty of Yahoo Tech has made a list of the ten tech habits that can make you pretty annoying in the eyes of almost everyone around you.

Up first is the obvious, walking down the street while staring at your phone. Everyone does it and if you say otherwise you're a liar. It's bad enough when people bump into you because they're squinting at a screen but then there are those that slow to a crawl to tweet, text or reply to an email.  read more »

Fast Food Sales


Fast food giants are gaining on their competitors, as customers start to forgo their growing bottom for their bottom line.

In the first quarter of the year McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s all posted an increase in sales with McDonalds posting the highest rise with 5.4%. This comes after all three of the restaurants repeatedly lost to businesses that offered healthier options such as Chipotle and Panera Bread.  read more »

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