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Ebola Toys


While health care workers all over the world work to stop the spread of Ebola, one company is having trouble keeping it on the shelves.

Giant Microbes Incorporated specializes in stuffed toys based on various diseases, viruses and all around ailments. In the past few weeks the company says it has sold out of its entire stock of Ebola toys. It says its major buyers are the World Health Organization and the American Red Cross which are using the toys as teaching tools.

The toy which sort of resembles half a pretzel comes with a small fact based card about the deadly disease. It talks about incubation period, symptoms and treatment. The company says with the current outbreak, supply can't keep up with demand.  read more »

Unfriendly Facebook


With more than one billion active friends, Facebook can afford to lose a few. And in this case it's the federal government.

Recently a New York woman filed a lawsuit against the Drug Enforcement Administration. She is accusing the DEA of using her name and pictures on Facebook to connect with suspected drug dealers. She says it happened following her arrest for being part of a drug ring.

The justice department initially said she gave consent for this when she handed over her cell phone which had her personal information on it. But now it admits the DEA might have gone too far when it used her identity to track down people it considered dangerous. And Facebook seems to agree.  read more »

Military Recruiting


The U.S. Marine Corp is looking for a few good women; and they’re searching the board room.

Last year U.S. Marine Corp Commandant General James Amos made a new friend in Sheryl Sandberg. Since then the Chief Operating Officer of Facebook has helped him brainstorm ways to boost the number of female marines. Right now women account for about 15% of the entire active duty military with the smallest number of them in the Marine Corp. But officials say that might change in 2016 when more front line combat jobs are opened to women.  read more »

A High Scoring Business Plan


The owner of a Texas furniture store is using sports to drum up some extra business; and the customers are scoring.

Before the first pitch was thrown for this year's baseball season Jim McIngvale offered to reimburse the first 500 customers who spent more than $6,300 at his stores. But he would only hand over the cash if the Houston Astros won more than 63 games, matching the age McIngvale would turn this year.

And they did, winning 70 games and forcing McIngvale to be true to his word. So recently hundreds of people lined up and he paid up, to the tune of more than $4 million. Reid Ryan, president of the Astros, said the promotion was a great way to get more people involved in the season and excited about the team.  read more »

Free Tuition


Heading off to college but can't afford the price tag? Turns out all you really need is a plane ticket.

Recently lower Saxony became the final state in Germany to abolish tuition at a public university. That means that it is now free to get a higher education at any school that is not privately owned. And the unlikely price tag isn't just for students of the mother land. Anyone, even international students can attend school in Germany without paying a dime.

But before you consider shipping off your new high school graduate there are a few things to consider. According to business insider college life in Germany is different than what you find here.  read more »

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