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    Conor McGregor

Bidding for Amazon


Amazon is looking for a location for its new headquarters, and the courting is well underway.

Right now cities all over the country are hoping to win over the online retailer which along with a new headquarters is promising to bring 50,000 new jobs and a $5 billion investment. And some cities are going all out.

Frisco, Texas a city of just over 160,000 people is pledging to center its entire city around the new headquarters. Philadelphia is pledging the use of three different sites which would collectively span 28 million square feet. Cities including Dallas and Phoenix are offering the company complete use of vacated shopping malls.  read more »

High Tech Interview Questions


Looking to take your nine to five into the 21st century? Better make sure your interview skills are well connected.

Job interviews are never easy, no matter how much you research the company or talk to former and current employees you never know what you're walking into. Fortunately some employers aren't playing their cards close to the chest. So if you're looking to break into the tech sector Business Insider talked to some of the biggest companies around to see what type of questions you might face.

For example, one of Facebook’s favorite questions to ask is “what are you doing on your best day?” The company's head of recruiting says there is no right answer and the purpose is to tap into the candidate's motivation and drive.  read more »

Having a Hobby


Want to be successful at work? Get a hobby.

Generally when people talk about a work-life balance they are referring to things such as eating right, getting enough sleep and spending time with loved ones. But what about doing something for yourself just because you enjoy it?

Experts say a hobby such as swimming, a book club or cooking can benefit you both personally and professionally for a number of reasons. For example, having a hobby makes you more interesting of a person. It broadens your identity beyond things such as your job title, wife or father and gives people something else to use to connect with you.  read more »

Villanova Scores


The NCAA tournament is one of the most watched sporting events in the country, but not everyone is scoring.

Jay wright is starting his 17th year as head coach for the men's basketball team at Villanova University and hoping to win yet another NCAA championship. He says for his players, it's more than just a game.

“It's one of these things now for players that when you play in the NCAA tournament for 3 weeks nationally you're pretty well known and if you get your degree and you work hard you have that behind you that can really create some opportunities for you in life.”

And players are also making a name for themselves off the court.  read more »

Travel Expectations


Most people have a bucket list of the places in the world they want to go. But what happens when you get there, and the bucket is a little empty?

Some of the most famous places in the world are must go destinations for travelers, unfortunately they can also be the biggest let downs. So to help you manage your expectations MSN Lifestyle has put together a list of the most epic travel fails to prepare for.

For example, the Great Wall of China. The 2,000 year old wall stretches for 13,000 miles and was built to protect the country's northern border. But if you're expecting to aimlessly wander down a deserted path through the countryside think again. In reality you'll be crammed onto the wall with hundreds of other tourists.  read more »

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