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Facebook Worth


You might be unable to live without social media, but how much are you worth to them?

Right now Facebook is the world's largest social media network with 1.5 billion users. And according to data from the research firm Emarketer if you're one of those users here in the U.S. you're worth just over $48 to the company. In other countries users are pulling in just over $12 for Facebook.

That number is taken off of projected ad revenues from Facebook and its photo sharing app Instagram which adds another 400 million users to the pile. This means Facebook is set to pull in nearly 65% of total social ad spending this year alone. And that makes Facebook users more valuable than people with a Twitter handle.  read more »

Money Problems


It looks like one of the world's biggest terror threats has a money problem.

According to Business Insider there is a growing divide between ISIS and its followers over what else; money. According to the magazine when it first came into power ISIS made promises to take care of its followers. But the group, which brought in $1.2 billion last year, is spending more money on weapons than the needs of its eight million people.

According to the magazine ISIS is implementing restrictive laws regarding women in the workplace and hordes of professional people are fleeing to different countries. This poses a problem for the group who makes most of its money by taxing its people. The more of them that disappear, the less people there are to collect from.  read more »

Hall of Fame Toys


Your childhood is getting a shot at the hall of fame.

On November 5th two winners will be inducted into the national toy hall of fame and put on display in the strong museum in New York City. Among this year's nominees are the spinning top, coloring book, wiffle ball and puppet. They are among twelve finalists that are being considered for this year's class.

To get to this point the toys first needed to be nominated by someone and then meet certain criteria. That includes surviving multiple generations, being widely recognized and has the ability to foster learning, creativity or discovery through play. The finalists are chosen by historians and curators at the strong museum. From there a national panel made up of inventors, educators and psychologists select the two winners.  read more »

Credit Card Chips


There is new technology that can help save you from credit card theft, if you have it.

Credit card theft costs U.S. banks more than $5 billion a year. To cut their losses, this past week banks implemented a rule that merchants have special terminals to accept their new anti-fraud chips being implanted in credit and debit cards. The chip generates a unique one time code for each transaction that makes it impossible for fraudsters to duplicate.

Now when you use it you will dip your card instead of swiping it. Yet only 50% of consumers have the new chip cards and only about 25% of retailers have the new terminals.  read more »

Sound Check


One of the country's loudest cities could be getting a mute button.

This week New Orleans announced the start of a public health campaign called “sound check” that is designed to bring down the volume. City attorneys say it is the latest attempt to address complaints about noise levels and 60-year-old sound standards.

It starts with health inspectors being brought into monitor decibel levels in neighborhoods such as the French quarter. But instead of enforcing the volume at clubs and bars the campaign is designed around education. The inspectors will be meeting with venue owners and musicians and educating them about the negative effects of loud music such as hearing loss.  read more »

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