• There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort.

    Jane Austen

Selling Out


San Francisco landlords want their tenants to hit the bricks; and they're paying up to get them to pack up.

The city by the bay is one with rent control laws. People can stay in their apartments as long as they want without the fear that their rent will suddenly and drastically be increased. Now in an effort to get people out the Chronicle is reporting that landlords are offering their tenants financial incentives.

In one case a family who pays just over $500 a month in rent was offered $50,000 to move out. But they aren't interested and say that money won't get them very far in today's market so staying put is their best option.  read more »

Affordable Care Act


In order to cut down the cost of coverage insurance companies are keeping a close eye on a certain group of people.

Because of their pre-existing condition diabetics have struggled to find health insurance. But now thanks to the affordable health care act companies have no choice. Now they’re making sure people are taking good care of themselves by getting up close and personal.

Companies say they are calling diabetics when they don’t pick up prescriptions or miss appointments. They are also arranging transportation to get them to the doctor and in some cases sending nurses to make a house call. But the extra effort isn't out of concern for your health.  read more »

Money Hungry Pets


Advertisers have a new class of consumers; and they have four legs and a tail.

Cats and dogs have become full-fledged members of the family. And these days that means more than just a bowl of food, litter box or walk in the park. Sixty eight percent of American households include an animal. And those households are spending more than $55 billion a year to make sure those pets are more than well taken care of.  read more »

Love Cloud


Joining the mile high club just got a little more laid back.

Love Cloud is a new business offering a special service high over the streets of Las Vegas. For $800 couples can spend 40 minutes on a private plane decked out like your personal love shack. Instead of seats it features a large bed, sound system and mood lighting.

Couples can bring food, drink or anything else needed to enhance the experience on board. And to keep things private the cabin is separated from the pilot by a curtained door; plus he will be wearing noise canceling headphones.  read more »

Tax Season


Tax day has come and gone and this year’s its being followed with a little relief.

Budget cuts and new responsibilities have the IRS busting at the seams and that’s good news for tax payers. Because the agency is stretched so thin it has fewer agents available to audit people. The IRS commissioner says they will keep going after the worst of the bad guys. But he says there are some people that they should catch that they probably won’t be able to.

So how do you know if you’re in the clear? If you report making $40,000 in wages and your employer reports 50; the IRS will catch that. But if you operate a business that deals in cash your chances of getting caught are the lowest they’ve been in years.  read more »

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