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Memorable Accomodations


Preparing for your next big trip; why not kick the accommodations up a notch?

AirBNB has become the go to site for people looking to get away. And while the company's prices tend to be lower than most hotels that doesn't mean you are getting less bang for your buck. According to the website Refinery29, AirBNB also has access to some of the most mind blowing accommodations available.

For example for $78 a night you can stay in an indoor forest in Melbourne, Australia. You will never know you are staying right in the middle of a big city while surrounded by an indoor forest complete with house plants and climbing vines.  read more »

A Business Strategy


Think you have the next great business idea; better test it out.

Ryan Holmes is the founder and CEO of Hootsuite, a platform that helps you manage your social media accounts. He says when getting the company off the ground he had to make his case for money numerous times. Now as an angel investor he is the one asking the questions.  read more »



There's a new startup in the works; and it's taking the country's top issue straight to the top office.

According to Yahoo Finance Claire Schmidt is leaving her job as vice president of the Twentieth Century Fox movie studio. She will now serve as CEO of AllVoices; a company that provides a platform for employees who feel they are victims of harassment, bias or discrimination. All you have to do is log on to the AllVoices website, log your complaint and it will be sent straight to your company's CEO and board of directors.  read more »

The Cost of Flying

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Think you got a good deal on your next flight, take a closer look.

Sometimes you're shopping around for a plane ticket and you find a deal too good to be true. Then when you purchase it you notice the line extra fees has driven up the price. So what's behind the extra cost? Here is a breakdown from Business Insider on what else you're paying for besides a seat.

Besides taxes you have a $4.50 charge for each airport that you land in. So on a roundtrip ticket with a layover each way, you're looking at an extra $18. Then you have a segment tax to pay for each time the plane you're on takes off and lands. This is usually just over $4 each time.  read more »

Naked Dining


Like to let it all hang out at meal time? There's a new restaurant in Paris you might want to consider checking out.

It's called “O'Naturel” and is a nudist eatery where no shirt, no shoes and yes even no pants will guarantee you get service. Here's how it works. Customers enter the restaurant and find themselves in a cloak room where they shed and safely store all their clothes. Once fully in the buff, you will be escorted to your table.  read more »

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