• To himself everyone is immortal; he may know that he is going to die, but he can never know that he is dead.

    Samuel Butler

Legacy Contact


Worried about your social after life? Now you can designate a party planner.

In the event of your untimely demise Facebook now allows you to designate a person to make sure all your important posts are still being seen. Called a legacy contact, this is the person that will manage your Facebook page while you rest comfortably six feet under.

First you have to choose someone you can count on to keep your Facebook page up and running. To do this first you go to settings, then security and then legacy contact. Once you type in the person's name you have the option of sending them a message informing them of the responsibility they have been entrusted with. That message lets them know they are your legacy contact because you are confident they can get the job done.  read more »

Apple's Event


It looks like the Apple tree is getting ready to shake a little something off its branches.

Recently the Silicon Valley powerhouse announced that it was holding an event on March 9th in San Francisco. And true to form the company revealed very little about what people can expect. So of course speculation is running wild with most analysts agreeing that it will have something to do with the Apple Watch.

So far we know that it's being released in April with prices starting around $350. What we don't know is how much accessories and the higher end models with 18-karat gold and sapphires will cost. CNet is also reporting that Apple might reveal the apps that will be available and confirm how long the battery would last.  read more »

Money Making Snow


A Massachusetts man is making money out of snowballs.

This winter the east coast has been hit with freezing temperatures and up to ten feet of snow in some cities. Now Kyle Waring is shoveling up his winter wonderland and sending it off to people in warmer climates.

He started by shipping one pound bottles of snow for $20 but he discovered that it had melted by the time it reached his destination. Turns out the bigger the package of snow the higher the chance of it staying frozen. So now he ships six pound packages of snow for $89. By the time it reaches its new home, the snow has gotten a little slushy but the package can still make about ten to fifteen snowballs.  read more »

Bad Behavior


One big mistake can end your career; but a handful of minor mishaps won't help things either.

There are things you could be doing every day that are slowly killing your chance at keeping your nine to five. And they're not doing much for your hopes of a promotion or a raise either. To help you figure out whether or not you're sabotaging your own career MSN Money has put together a list of fifteen examples of bad behaviors to avoid.

First up is a failure to adapt to company behavior. Every office operates under its own social customs. Failing to adhere to these can alienate you to your co-workers and makes it hard to form any positive relationships.  read more »

Intimate Exercise


Rounding the bases on your next date is getting a lot more technical.

According to a Yahoo tech blog a Spanish smartphone maker is hard at work on a fitness tracker for the bedroom. Along with measuring the amount of steps you take and the number of calories you eat, the device will also monitor your performance behind closed doors.

It will work by measuring the frequency of your encounters, how long they last and how many calories you burn from start to finish. The people behind it say a good love life has many positive effects on a person's quality of life. They say like diet and exercise your bedroom behavior can keep you young and healthy. So why not track it like you do everything else?  read more »

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