• If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.

    Frank Lloyd Wright

Apple Home


Apple has found you a new roommate, and her name is Siri.

Later this fall Apple plans to release its home app as part of its new operating system. The company hopes to have customers walk in their door, announce to Siri you're home and automatically your lights turn on and your TV comes on; or whatever settings you prefer.

This is not the first time Apple has tried to move in. In 2014 it introduced home kit but soon discovered one major flaw. The device would not talk to all the separate devices around your home. So if you had a certain type of lightbulb or thermostat it wasn't able to connect with it.  read more »

Olympic Ratings


The summer Olympics have come and gone but not everyone is coming up gold.

The ratings for the competition in Rio are out and the news is not good. NBC is reporting a 17% drop in ratings compared to the summer Olympics of 2012. In addition to that the drop in the key demographic group of people aged 18 to 49 was 25%.

But with any good sporting event there is a solid runner up. The network is reporting a sharp increase in digital viewership with 1.86 billion minutes being live streamed. The last Saturday of the games was the best day for digital viewers with an increase of 263% from the same day during the London Olympics.  read more »

Paying Off Student Debt


Need to pay off your college loans? If you can't get a paycheck, it might be time to get a little creative.

According to recent numbers nearly 70% of college graduates leave school with debt. And of those graduates one out of every six college students have defaulted on those loans. So if you aren't able to pay your college bills it might be time to think beyond your nine to five. MSN Money has come up with a list of outside the box ways to bring in a little extra cash for your student loans.  read more »

Legalizing Alcohol


It's been 83 years since the end of prohibition and some states are finally feeling the buzz.

A Giant Eagle grocery store in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania has become the first supermarket since prohibition to sell wine in the state. Before this only state owned liquor stores or kiosks had been allowed to sell wine since the nationwide constitutional ban on alcohol that ran from 1920 to 1933. Now the state liquor control board has approved more than 80 supermarkets, restaurants and hotels to sell wine to go.  read more »

High Tech Inmates


While the world's biggest companies examine drone technology to deliver packages, it looks like the service is already up and running for certain customers.

London police say they have recovered two drones carrying drugs and cell phones near one of its prisons. Now they have set up a special task force called, Operation Airborne to catch people trying to fly the illegal items into the prison. Police say one of the drones recovered had crashed after they noticed a man hanging out around the fence. The second drone was spotted flying at a low altitude and was stopped mid-flight.  read more »

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