• We'd all like to vote for the best man, but he's never a candidate.

    Kin Hubbard

Trump Good For Media Business


No matter who wins the presidential election, there is already one big winner, the media.

Presidential candidates in this election cycle are expected to spend billions to buy your vote, setting an all time record for political spending. And a large portion of that money will be spent on advertising. And media executives credit candidate Donald Trump for "stoking the political fires." So whether or not Trump is good for the country, he is very good for the media.  read more »

Google Calendar


In addition to answering life's burning questions; google is now keeping you in check.

More often than now your personal goals of learning a language, taking up yoga or even catching up with friends gets pushed to the back burner. Now Google calendar is helping you stay on top of the things that are important to you with a new automated feature. Right now Google calendar features a floating action button, now when you tap that button you will see a flag icon that will let you set a goal.

The app will then find a time in your calendar to accomplish it and will allow you to move it around if necessary. Over time the more you use the app the better it works. As you continue to cancel or move goals, the app will learn the best places to schedule them in order for you to keep them.  read more »

A Shorter Work Week


Want to deliver a better performance at work; take a few extra days off.

According to economic researchers in Australia people over the age of 40 do their best work when they only have to clock in three days a week. The study was done by the Institute of Applied Economics and social research at the University of Melbourne. It looked at the work habits and brain test results of about 3,000 men and 3,500 women over the age of 40.

People taking part were asked to read words aloud, recite lists of numbers backwards and match letters and numbers during a timed test. In general the people who scored the highest only worked about 25 hours a week.  read more »

Business Expenses


Looking for a way to save your company money and travel more? Take a few tips from the women around the office.

According to new research published in Harvard business review women are the ideal candidate to send on a business trip because they spend less than men. And there are a few reasons behind their ability to save a couple of bucks.

First of all women tend to check their luggage while most men carry on and these days most airlines charge for any bags you bring on board beyond a purse or backpack. Another reason women are one upping men on corporate expenses? They tend to book their flights two days earlier than men. According to the Harvard business review that small window results in an average savings of $113 per ticket.  read more »

Apple Security


Following its battle with the FBI; Apple is now unlocking some of its security secrets.

In a recent press briefing the company behind the devices that hold your private information discussed how exactly that information does in fact remain private. Despite recent headlines, senior engineers say the biggest threat to Apple devices is not the government but hackers.  read more »

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