• Let's not forget that the little emotions are the great captains of our lives and we obey them without realizing it.

    Vincent Van Gogh, 1889

Emotional Devices


Looking for somebody who truly understands you? The answer might be in your favorite device.

A new device created by researchers at MIT might be able to let your computer or smartphone tell if you are happy or sad. The idea behind it is for the device to detect emotions by sending wireless signals that measure heartbeats as the signals bounce off a person's body.  read more »

As Smart As Your Mother


Feeling smarter than most? You can thank your mother for that.

According to new research from Psychology Sport people are born with conditioned genes that work differently depending on if they are from your mother or father. But when it comes to what affects your level of intelligence. That's all a gift from mom.

The blog says intelligence genes are located on the X-chromosome. Since women have two of those, children are twice as likely to get their smarts from mom then from dad. And if your father does happen to pass off his intelligence gene to you, chances are it won't work. Psychology Sports says that's because they don't have the same impact on the brain and most likely won't be activated.  read more »

Harry's House


It was the house that set the foundation for a beloved set of a books and a successful movie franchise, and now it could be yours.

The house that was used as the setting for Harry Potter's childhood home is up for sale in England. This is where the boy wizard got his start, living in a cupboard under the stairs before finding out he was meant for bigger things. And yes the real house that is up for sale, does have a cupboard under the stairs where hardcore fans can set up a Harry Potter bedroom of their own.  read more »

Hawaii's New Power Source


Thanks to one of Hawaii’s biggest attractions the state it testing out a new way to create power.

Off the coast of Oahu is a tall buoy that uses the rise and fall of the waves to generate electricity. The current travels through an undersea cable for a mile to a military base where it feeds into the island's power grid. Experts say the ocean's endless motion has enough power to meet the quarter of the entire country's energy needs and reduce our reliance on oil, gas and coal.  read more »

Public Porta Pottys


Public transit agencies across the country are making some upgrades, but not to your trip.

Over the next couple months Philadelphia’s main transit agency plans to hold a trail run of a urine repellent paint at its stations. The product is called ultra-dry and is a surface coating that makes urine spray back on whoever try’s to relieve themselves on station walls and floors.

This comes after a slew of complaints from travelers about the overwhelming scent of urine and overall cleanliness of stations. So far the same type of paint is being used on the side of businesses in San Francisco and in Germany. San Francisco is also trying to remove the scent of urine from its elevators at BART stations by replacing the floors with a material that stops liquids from getting absorbed.  read more »

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