• Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

    Albert Einstein

High on Love

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There’s a new online dating site; and it’s getting people high on love.

420singles.net connects people who share the habit of smoking marijuana. It was started by 28-year-old Ryan Moxon who lives in the San Francisco bay area. He told a local newspaper that he created the dating site while working nights as a security guard in Los Angeles. He said he smoked marijuana and was single and wanted to find a girl that also enjoyed smoking.  read more »

A Times Square Union

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The costumed characters that call Times Square home are banning together against a campaign to shut them down.

Every day dozens of people dressed as Spider Man, Batman, Elmo and other children’s characters parade around the New York hot spot. They spend their time entertaining tourists and posing for pictures, hoping to receive a tip. But city officials say they are pests who are harassing the city’s visitors.

Several performers have been arrested in recent months; and police are handing out fliers telling people to call 911 with any complaints about the characters. So in response the characters are forming a group to fight back against the negative image.  read more »

Time Management


Not enough time in your day' there's an app for that.

Timeful is a free app that makes sure you have time to complete everything in your busy schedule. It uses artificial intelligence to schedule things to do based on meetings and events you are already committed to. It also estimates how long it will take to do everything.

It works by allowing users to connect their online calendars and integrate all the upcoming events. Users can also add items they need to get done and habits they want to establish. Then the app determines how long it would take to do everything and when's the best time to do it. It also calculates when and where a task is most likely to be completed. Then it creates a schedule giving you the best chance of success.  read more »

Facebook Facts


Facebook's new messaging app has many of its friends ready to jump ship.

Recently the social media giant launched a new standalone messenger app. It is required for users to chat with each other and send messages or photos back and forth. But when some Android users went to install it they were faced with a message that had privacy advocates up in arms.

That message said the app required permission to access the phone's camera, contact list, microphone and other important information. To make matters worse the Huffington Post published a blog that claimed the new app gives Facebook direct control over your mobile device. According to the blog it allows Facebook to call phone numbers and send text messages without your confirmation.  read more »

Job Training for Dogs


For some members of the unemployed their days of strolling the streets of India are numbered.

City officials in New Delhi have a plan for the city’s stray dogs. Instead of trying to run them out of town they’re going to put them to work by pairing them up with police animal trainers and making them security dogs. And the concept isn't a crazy one.

While this is the first time the dogs have received formal training; dozens of them are often adopted by people looking for a watchdog for their home or business. Plus the perks go both ways. While the dogs are spending their time keeping the streets safe the city will also pay to keep them fed and get them vaccinated.  read more »

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