• In order to become the master, the politician poses as the servant.

    Charles de Gaulle

Sarah Palin Goes Viral


Sarah Palin is back in the limelight; but this time critics can turn her off.

Last weekend the Sarah Palin channel went live. The subscription based online network is meant to be a direct connection between the former Alaska governor and her supporters. In a mission statement video on the home page Palin says the channel gives her the chance to connect with people without worrying about quote “pleasing the powers that be.”

In the video Palin says she is tired of all the media filters. She says she wanted to create the channel because she believes a lot of other people are also tired of the censorship. Palin will oversee all the content posted to the site. She says that will include her own commentary about politics and issues that the mainstream media won't talk about.  read more »

Target's New App


Target is debuting a new way to shop.

The popular retail store is introducing an app that lets people buy items after scanning magazine ads with their smartphones. The app called “In a Snap” will recognize images for the store's room essentials products. Those images will be in home decor magazines including “Architecture” and “Real Simple.”

Once a customer scans the image of a product they like that item gets added to a shopping cart for potential purchase. The company says while there are multiple apps capable of scanning codes and symbols it's harder to create one that recognizes an actual product.  read more »

A Criminal Business


There’s a new restaurant in India and the level of service is downright criminal.

“Tihar food court” in West Delhi is a rehabilitation experiment being run by the Tihar prison. And besides air conditioning and Indian food customers can expect a little face time with convicted criminals.

The restaurant is run by prisoners whose crimes range from theft to murder. To qualify for the job the prisoners have to have a perfect record through at least 12 years of imprisonment and a high school education. They also have to be eligible for release within two years to minimize their temptation to escape. Each prisoner is paid just over a dollar for a day’s work and will be trained by a nearby hotel management school.  read more »

ATM Scams


ATM’s are meant to spit out cash, but a new device has them inhaling money from your account before you even realize it’s missing.

According to a European ATM security team thieves are using a new type of skimmer that is difficult to detect. It sits just within the throat of the card reading slot and with a hidden camera records your pin number. And most of the people falling victim to the scam are right here in the U.S.

The security company says that’s because we haven’t transitioned to the more secure chip and pin technology being used in European countries. But according to MSN Money there are things you can do to make sure you’re the only one with access to your cold hard cash.  read more »

Mall of the World


Minnesota's mall of America is about to get some extra-large competition.

The ruler of Dubai has laid out plans for a real estate project he is calling the Mall of the World. Besides all the best stores the eight million square foot mecca will also include a climate controlled street network, a theme park and hotels. Plus the sheik wants to make sure his mall offers visitors a taste of all the world's major cities. So the theater will be based on New York’s Broadway and the shops on London’s Oxford Street.

The mall of the world will be built in an area that already includes the mall of the emirates, the world's tallest tower and the Dubai mall. That mall is currently the emirate's largest with a dinosaur skeleton, aquarium and ice skating rink.  read more »

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