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Government Censorship


China's biggest car show is getting a lot less racy.

In February the organizers of the Shanghai Auto Show announced they were banning scantily clad women from modeling in the show. They said it is too much of a distraction and they want the focus to be on the cars. And we recently got a look at what that means.

At the show held earlier this week instead of dangerous curves one display featured a chorus line of dancers. At other stands fresh faced women in business like dresses walked around with tablets that showed people everything the cars had to offer. Other brands went the rock band route.  read more »

Famous Faces


Advertisers beware; sometimes a famous face can deliver the wrong message.

Getting a celebrity to endorse your product is hardly a new idea but that doesn't mean it's always a good one. In some cases it's a perfect fit; such as Michael Jordan and Nike or Brooke Shields and her Calvin’s.

Then there are the celebrity endorsements that stir up a lot more than an urge to rush out and buy the product. And in those cases the company usually issues an apology through social media, pulls the commercial and hopes nobody notices what happened. But Fortune Magazine did notice and has put together a list of the six celebrity endorsements that made consumers angry.  read more »

A College Degree

college 2.png

Sometimes a higher education doesn't just mean a college degree.

I recently spoke with Father John Stack, the vice president for student life at Villanova University. He says the state of the economy weighs heavily on his student's mind but he wants them to remember there is more to life than a hefty paycheck.

“As a priest I’m on the other end of things. I’m confident they’ll get a job. I try to get them concerned with people who are less fortunate than they are and to have good ethical values no matter what kind of business they’re in.”

Right now going to college can hit the six figure mark, and Father Stack says part of the problem is the number of people involved.  read more »

The Retail Campaign


Election season is heating up as the battle for the white house goes the retail route.

In today’s world the people running for the country’s biggest job have another weapon in their arsenal; their online retail stores. They are used to raise money, increase the number of donors and poke fun at their competitors.

For example, after announcing his candidacy Senator Rand Paul’s online store began selling an item targeting Hillary Clinton. Now supporters can buy a gag gift called “Hillary’s hard drive” for just under $100.

Political experts say the online stores are a way to get people excited about the election, and consumers today are more comfortable shopping online than they were fifteen years ago. Plus candidates get a chance to show their playful side.  read more »

Pen Pals Animal Shelter

pen pal.jpg

A Louisiana prison is rehabilitating prisoners with the help of four legs and a tail.

Behind the barbed wire walls of the Dixon Correctional Institute is an animal shelter run by a prison official and staffed by inmates. Called Pen Pals Animal Shelter the inmates do everything from cleaning out the animal cages to training dogs to assisting in operations.

According to People magazine the shelter was started in the weeks following hurricane Katrina when the Humane Society was looking for space to put the thousands of animals left homeless. The Humane Society was so impressed by the care the inmates provided the animals that it donated $600,000 to the prison and the shelter became permanent.  read more »

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