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    William Howard Taft

Inaugural Costs


President elect Donald Trump is officially President Trump; and all the pomp and circumstance to change the title didn't come cheap.

According to some of the people behind the planning, the recent inauguration cost more than $200 million thanks to things such as transportation, security and protection from the weather. On top of that you have private dinners, the swearing in ceremony and the inaugural ball.

The cost of the ceremony is split between private donors and federal and state governments and is expected to be one of the most expensive inaugurations ever. Experts say that can be attributed to inflation, the amount of donations being brought in by the campaign and of course security.  read more »

High Tech on the High Seas


Carnival cruise line is bringing a little high tech action to the high seas.

At this year's Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas the company unveiled its One Cruise Experience Access Network or OCEAN. This will let travelers control their entire experience from a personalized smartphone app and quarter sized medallion.

OCEAN uses a series of sensors placed throughout the ship that can locate you based on your medallion. The sensors can then activate the lights in your area, control the temperature and open your room door. You can also order drinks and food from the app and it will let the crew know where to deliver. OCEAN also allows passengers to play games and gamble without hitting the casino and you can message fellow passengers to arrange the next party.  read more »

Monitoring Your Drinks


Not sure when you've had a few too many? Now you can self-regulate why you self-medicate.

Proof, is the latest wearable device from Milo Sensors that lets you know when you're hitting your limit when it comes to the number of drinks you've had. The wristband features a disposable 12 hour cartridge that tracks your alcohol level by the amount of alcohol you sweat out.

The device pairs with the Proof app and displays your current blood alcohol content and gives you the estimated time of when you might sober up. You can also set the device to alert you through vibrations when you have reached a pre-selected level of saturation.  read more »

A Tax Increase


We're heading into the official start of tax season and this year Uncle Sam wants just a little bit more.

For millions of Americans the first thing they will see when they visit the tax man is a tax increase. This year about twelve million workers will be hit with an automatic adjustment in their payroll taxes. And for the first time in 34 years the amount of income subject to be taxed is 7.3%. That tax could cost you as much as $534, more if you're self-employed.

So what's behind the increase? The social security taxable minimum is adjusted based on U.S. wages and not consumer prices. Accountants say the sudden hike is two years of wage gains packed into one. So as wages go up so does the amount the government can tax you.  read more »

Happy Birthday iPhone


The iPhone is celebrating its 10th birthday and it's growing up fast.

Ten years ago this week Steve Jobs stepped on stage and debuted a revolutionary new idea. A device he said was the perfect marriage of three products; a mobile phone, a widescreen iPod with touch controls and a web browser. Since the unveiling the iPhone has grown into the recently released iPhone 7 Plus, has millions of apps and has changed the way the world communicates. So as it approaches the terrible teenage years, where will Apple and the iPhone go from here?  read more »

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