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The Town of Whatever


It looks like Bud Light has found a home for its newest ad campaign.

Since last year's Super Bowl bud light has been running commercials talking about the fictional town of Whatever. The point was to create a town, give it a mayor and make it all about the beer. Well now it looks like the town has been selected and the big winner is Crested Butte, Colorado.

But despite the honor not everyone is raising a cup in celebration. Residents realized what was going on when Bud Light employees started pouring into the streets with tape measures and renting out hotel rooms. Some people say joining forces with a major company could damage the image of the town. Others objected to the idea of turning Crested Butte into another Disneyland.  read more »

Generation Gaps


The world keeps changing and the incoming freshman class of 2018 is the latest example of just how old you're getting.

There are some people who expected 2014 to bring flying cars and robotic housemaids. And while we haven't made it that far the class of 2018 is preparing for what the world will look like on graduation day. But before we fast forward four years a Wisconsin college is releasing it's annual mindset list. It gives a snapshot into our the recent class of undergraduates view the world. And there's a clear difference between now and then.  read more »

Undercover Colors


Four college students have come up with a fashion forward way to keep women a little safer.

When you're out at a crowded bar or a party it's easy to lose sight of your drink. And that moment gives someone the perfect opportunity to slip something unexpected into your cup. So the four students, all men, have developed a line of nail polish they call “Undercover Colors.”

All you have to do is wear it on your next big night on the town. Then if you suspect that there's a little something extra in your drink just stir it with your finger. The nail polish will change color if it comes into contact with Rohypnol, Xanax and GHB. Otherwise known as date rape drugs.  read more »

Dining With the Dogs


California is serving up a new perk for man’s best friend.

Governor Jerry Brown has signed a bill into law that allows dogs at restaurants with outdoor spaces. The law does not require every establishment to open its doors to your four legged family members. Instead it implements guidelines for how your favorite dinner spot can accommodate the extra guests.

In the past some local health departments have allowed dogs in outdoor dining areas but the state always banned it. And despite the new law local jurisdictions are still able to ban animals at their choosing.  read more »

Holiday Shopping


We might be months away from the holiday shopping season; but Wal-Mart already has a game plan.

In an attempt to lure customers away from other big name retailers, Wal-Mart is planning to staff each of its cash registers from the day after thanksgiving to the days just before Christmas.

The move which is being called “the checkout promise” is aimed at addressing one of the store's biggest complaints from customers. Every year people say the lines are too long and there aren't enough people on duty. So the store says each checkout line will be open for certain hours of the day. Most locations are planning on doing this during the weekend afternoons but this could vary by store.  read more »

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