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    Jim Rohn

Hitching a Ride

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A European ridesharing company is picking up speed and its customers are also part of its business plan.

Blah Blah car is based in Paris and in operation all across Europe. It works by linking drivers with empty seats with passengers who need a ride. Co-founder Nicolas Brusson says 80% of people travel by car in Europe and most of them have plenty of room.

“What we end up doing by offering those empty seats in cars to passengers going the same way, we actually tap into what's probably the biggest wasted inventory of passenger seats.”  read more »

Tips For Tips


As we approach the end of the year; certain people in your life are going to expect a certain something.

For the people who spend their time making your lives a little bit easier; it’s time to show your appreciation in the form of an end of the year tip. But who gets a little extra something and how much should it be?

According to Forbes magazine there are three groups of people you should tip; people who help with your dependents, those who provide personal services and those who maintain your home. In most cases those people help you year round. Whether it’s babysitting your children or cutting your hair these people should be tipped the cost of one session. For example, if you pay your dog walker $50 a week, the year-end tip would also be $50.  read more »

Elevators of the Future


Elevators of the future are heading in a new direction, literally.

The company Thyssenkrup has introduced a new building system called the multi elevator. The idea behind it is that our current system of getting between floors takes up too much space in a building. And since the population rate doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon the company decided that it would devise another option.

So as an alternative the new system would be made up of several cabins in the same elevator shaft that move up, down and sideways. Think of it like the moving staircases in Harry Potter or the elevator with no boundaries in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The company says the new system will also allow buildings of the future to be built with different heights, shapes and purposes.  read more »

The Skyscraper


The next big thrill is winding its way around a Florida entertainment complex.

In 2017 the world’s tallest roller coaster is scheduled to open at the Skyplex in Orlando. The skyscraper will wrap around a 535 foot tall tower and send riders twisting up, down and around for four straight minutes.

The Skyscraper will take bragging rights away from Kingdaka; the current world’s tallest roller coaster is at six flags in New Jersey. That coaster is 456 feet tall and takes riders from zero to 128 miles per hour in just under four seconds. The designer of the skyscraper says it’s one of the scariest rides ever created. He says the unique design of the coaster means more heart pounding loops, dives, spirals and inversions than riders have ever experienced.  read more »

Blah Blah Car

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Looking for a way to get around Europe; put your money where your mouth is.

Nicolas Brusson is Chief Operating Officer of Blah Blah Car. An unusual name yes, but there's a good reason behind it. Blah Blah Car is a ridesharing company and when you sign up you fill out information about yourself such as whether you're make or female or if you want music in the car. Then there's a chat index where you can indicate how much you like to talk while in the car. The options are blah, blah blah or blah, blah, blah.

“People found that very funny actually and we realized that that's the only thing that people remembered about the service. So like not the name, not the URL, not the cars just this funny feature.”  read more »

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