• Where there is no imagination there is no horror.

    Arthur Conan Doyle, Sr.

Crazy Clown Sightings


Across the country people are using clowns to stir up a little fear and the prank is now hitting retailers.

In towns around America threatening messages by people in clown costumes have been popping up on social media. In some cities people in scary clown costumes have been seen lurking in the woods or in dark areas. In some cases they've waved knives at people and wads of money at children.  read more »

Mind Games


We want what we can't have, and one company is using our emotions to cash in.

The 5th is an Australian fashion company that sells watches; and while its product is ordinary, its business plan is not. The 5th only sells its watches on the 5th of every month and only for five days. The company is building its brand exclusivity by telling the customer no and the customer keeps coming back for more.  read more »

Making Plans With Facebook


First Facebook helped you connect with your friends, now it's making it easier to get the group out on the town.

It seems the older we get the more life gets in the way and the harder it is to schedule a time to meet up with your friends. And finding a time when you are all available is next to impossible. So, enter Facebook’s newest feature. Facebook Messenger now has a poll option that lets you and your friends vote on the plans for your next get together. So instead of phone calls or emails back and forth you can now vote on what you want to do.  read more »

Pedal Desks


Finding it a little hard to focus? Consider pedaling your way to success.

Bethany Lambeth teaches math at a middle school in Raleigh, North Carolina. Last year she heard about desk cycles, pedals that sit on the floor and allow students to pedal while in class. Using money from a grant she had them installed in her classroom and says since then she has noticed a change in her students.  read more »

Travel Jobs


Find yourself staring out the window more than at your computer screen? Might be time to change the way you earn your paycheck.

Let's face it, an office job isn't for everyone. But that doesn't mean trading in your life of adventure to pay your rent; instead consider a job that gives you both. To help narrow down your choices MSN Money has the eight best jobs for people who love to travel.

For example, an English teacher. While that might require another degree, English teachers are in high demand to teach the language to people in countries such as China, Thailand and Costa Rica. Salaries range everywhere from $200 to $2,000 a month but can be stretched depending on the area's cost of living.  read more »

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