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A Relaxing Ride


Can't decide between adventure or relaxation for your next vacation? Why not both?

The city of Beppu, on the southern island of Japan is planning to launch the world's first day spa themed amusement park. The inspiration for the unusual attraction came from the city's abundant supply of natural hot springs.

In the promotional video people walked around wrapped in towels and slippers making their way around the various rides. Those included bubble bath roller coasters and steam room trolley rides. The video was posted on Facebook last week and the city's mayor said if it hit one million views he would move forward with development. Fast forward four days and the video had already been watched 1.8 million times.  read more »

Golden Beer Cans

bud light.jpg

Want to win tickets to the Super Bowl for life? Better drink up.

Anheuser-Busch, the brewing company behind Budweiser beer has announced a new contest that has football lovers in a frenzy. Right now there are golden beer cans hidden in 18, 24 and 30 packs of Bud Light. If you're lucky enough to find one, take a picture of it and post it online with #sweeps or #SBtix4life.  read more »

Online Shopping Sales

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The biggest shopping weekend of the year has come and gone and records were broken at the swipe of a screen.

According to Adobe this past Cyber Monday was the biggest online sales day in history with sales totaling just over $3 billion. A 12.1% increase from last year. And Black Friday wasn't far behind but it wasn't the brick and mortar stores racking up the sales. Instead once again people took to their computers, phones or tablets and online shopped their way to $3.4 billion dollars in sales. About $2 billion more than was brought in on Thanksgiving. And of all those numbers most of the shopping was done on phones.  read more »

Alexa's Daily Deals


Looking for some holiday shopping deals? Just ask Alexa.

Alexa is Amazon's voice controlled virtual assistant that runs on Amazon's echo speakers and fire TV products. She can handle a variety of your needs including traffic and weather updates, ordering replacement items and playing music. Now Amazon is using Alexa to roll out holiday deals.

The program began November 18th and allows Alexa owner to simply ask quote “Alexa what are your deals?” End quote. Then she will rattle off the daily special. If you're interested, simply tell her you want to purchase it and your Amazon account will be charged.  read more »

The Interview Process


Job interviews can be tough; but not just for the potential employee.

Every company takes a different approach to the interview. Some leave you hanging, some grill you for hours and some make you want to cut and run before they've asked the final question. But then there are those that make you that much more excited to land a job there.

Recently Glassdoor analyzed feedback from U.S. based candidates that interviewed at companies with more than a 1,000 employees. Some of the companies that made Glassdoor's top fifty list include retailers such as Gap, American Eagle and Old Navy. Potential employees say the management team was friendly and personable and they mixed things up with ideas such as the group interview and challenges to see how people would perform.  read more »

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