• If it keeps up, man will atrophy all his limbs but the push-button finger.

    Frank Lloyd Wright

iPhone Secrets


You might use your iPhone for almost everything; but it still has a few undiscovered tricks in its case.

It can tweet, give you directions and pay your bills but there are some features on your iPhone that most people don't know about. So to unlock the secrets of your favorite device Entrepreneur Media took a closer look at the settings and put together a list of the ten things you might not know your phone can do.

For example say you're an aviation buff. You can ask Siri what planes are overhead and the phone will tell you about all the different flights taking place over your head at the moment. And speaking of Siri you can also ask her to read your texts out loud. When finished you can have her reply, read them again or delete them.  read more »

Naked Dining


Want to enhance your next dining experience? Maybe shed a few layers.

First it was London, then Australia and now Japan is jumping on the au naturel bandwagon with a new restaurant where no dress code is required. It's called The Amrita and is a new dinner option for people in Tokyo who don't mind taking it all off. Instead of no shoes, no shirt no service this place won't even give you a table until every last item of your clothing has been removed. But that doesn't mean the restaurant doesn't have rules.

For example it doesn't allow cell phones, tattoos, calling out to other customers or touching. Then there is the age requirement; anyone enjoying a course or two in the nude has to be older than eighteen but younger than sixty.  read more »

Starbucks Lawsuit


It looks like a latte flavored lawsuit against Starbucks is continuing to brew.

A federal judge in San Francisco has ruled that two customers can move forward with their plans to sue the coffee giant for under filling their drinks. The lawsuit by two people from California say that the pitchers employees use for heating milk have “fill to” lines that are too low. In addition to that the plaintiffs argue that Starbucks requires employees to leave about a quarter of an inch of free space in every drink which means customers aren't getting as much coffee as they are paying for.  read more »

Real Life Iron Man


Look out Robert Downey Jr., someone else might be looking to fill your iron suit.

For the past few years Downey Jr. has played the role of Iron Man in Marvel's movies of the same name and the Avengers franchise. Now it looks like the man behind Tesla might be bringing the iron clad super hero to life.

Commenting on a recent CNN report that Elon Musk has been meeting privately with pentagon officials, Musk tweeted that the meeting was related to a flying metal suit. Of course Musk could be fanning the rumors but this is not the first time he has made comparisons to the character. Three years ago he tweeted about a system that allows someone to design rocket parts using hand movements through the air, something he claimed he saw in one of the iron man movies.  read more »

Resting With Your Pets


The final resting place for New Yorkers could be getting a bit more crowded.

New York’s state legislature has passed a bill that lets cemeteries offer people the option of being buried with the cremated remains of their pet. The only exceptions so far are religious cemeteries and the law states that the deceased pet has to be some type of domesticated animal.

According to the New York Daily News 62% of New York households have a pet and in some cases their stories make headlines. In 2007 billionaire hotel tycoon Leona Helmsley died leaving her grandchildren and son's widow out of her will. Instead she left $12 million to her dog trouble. Unfortunately when trouble passed away a few years later current state law did not allow him to be buried in the family tomb.  read more »

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