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Flame Grilled Fragrance

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Burger King has a new strategy for cooking up customers; appeal to their sense of smell.

Burger King is taking the scent from their flame grilled burgers and bottling it into a limited edition fragrance. The burger chain announced that its first attempt at cologne will be sold in Japan and only on April first.

Burger King says despite the date it chose for the launch the story is not an April fool's joke. It says it actually chose the date on purpose hoping it would increase speculation and peak the customers interest.

But if you're aching to smell like a hunk of cooked meat you better act fast. Besides being sold exclusively in Japan the company is only producing and releasing 1,000 bottles of its flame grilled fragrance. And each bottle will set you back about $40.  read more »



While most of the attention is focused on the Apple tree, another tech company is quietly making its move.

I recently sat down with John Chen, CEO of Blackberry about the direction the company is going since he took over less than two years ago.

“Yea I’ve been there, this is 17 months we came in to turn around company, and we have a 2 year turnaround plan so we’re right in the middle of it.”  read more »

Pot for Pets


Under the weather pets in Nevada could be getting a high flying treatment plan.

This week a democratic senator from Nevada introduced a bill that would allow animal owners to get medical marijuana for their sick animals. He says he is concerned that some animals might have adverse reactions to the drug but that you never really know until you try.

The proposal comes after some veterinarians stepped up and said that that had given marijuana to sick and dying pets and it helped ease their symptoms. In some cases it helped animals gain weight and live a few more weeks before being put down.  read more »

Hide and Seek


Ikea is turning away customers, but only the ones looking to do a little more than shop.

In the Netherlands a social media campaign has taken off encouraging people to hit up their nearest Ikea store for a game of hide and seek. It started out innocent enough with a couple people jumping on board, but the most recent invitation for a game at the Amsterdam store reached more than 19,000 people. A similar invitation was circling in a nearby town and 13,000 people there confirmed they would show up.  read more »

Selfie Stick ban


Packing for your next vacation? There's one item you're going to have to leave behind.

Some of the biggest tourist attractions across the world are banning the ever present “selfie stick.” Designed to make it easier to take your own picture in front of something awesome, the long sticks are becoming a nuisance for everyone around you. Plus people not lucky enough to be in your picture are tired of selfie sticks popping up in the background of their own snapshots.  read more »

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