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Going through a bad breakup? There's an app for that.

Anyone who has lost that special someone is familiar with the stages of grief; talking about it with everyone you know, checking your ex's social media status and going through tubs of ice cream. Now a former google employee named Ellen Huerta has created an app called Mend that is being pitched as a personal trainer for heartbreak.  read more »

Valentine's Day Spending


Valentine's Day has come and gone and this year the celebration was a little bittersweet.

According to the National Retail Federation Valentine’s Day spending is expected to drop this year, 7.6% to just over $18 billion. A number helped along by the 9% of people who decided not to celebrate because of money or lack of a special someone. But when it comes to those of us who did dip into our wallet for our loved ones; department stores were the most popular destination with candy the most popular gift. Next up is greeting cards, an evening out, flowers and jewelry.  read more »

A Three Day Weekend


Want to start your weekend a little earlier? Start managing your week a little better.

Everyone with a five day week wishes it was a little shorter and the weekend a little longer. Turns out even if you can't convince your boss to give you a four day work week, you can make it feel like one. According to the blog fastcompany.com there are ways to manage your time so efficiently that Friday can be taken a lot more loosely. Then you can use it to prepare for the coming week or take care of anything you've been keeping on the back burner.  read more »

Self-Driving Taxi


Dubai is testing out a new cab service and you're gonna need a strong stomach to hail a ride.

High above the city streets a one man self-driving hover taxi is preparing for an official launch this July. The Ehang 184 four can travel on a programmed course at 60 miles per hour at an altitude of 1,000 feet. Passengers just need to select a destination for the taxi to take off, fly the route and touch down again in the chosen spot.  read more »

Cashing In On Your Voice


Do you have a voice that makes people sit up and pay attention? Why not cash in on those vocal cords?

“We have people who a little bit of it is luck right but we also have some very talented people who've been able to land some big national radio campaigns for significant clients and can make six figures pretty easily.”

Kevin Rasted is the director of on camera and voice over division at San Francisco based MDT talent agency. He says the Silicon Valley boom has created a lot of work for voice over talent, and for most people all they need is a couple of classes and an at home microphone.  read more »

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