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Route Based Pricing


Uber is testing out a new way to pay; and it's all about the destination.

In a recent interview with Bloomberg Uber detailed a new pricing plan it has been testing in certain cities for the past few months. It’s called route based pricing and it charges passengers based on what Uber thinks they're willing to pay. And the details of your trip are what helps the company come up with the number to charge. For example, someone traveling from a wealthy neighborhood to another high end area will be charged more than someone heading to a poorer part of town even if demand, traffic and distance are the same.  read more »



Everyone needs a little help, even if they can't ask for it.

Tony La Russa is chief baseball analyst for the Arizona Diamondbacks and co-founder of the Animal Rescue Foundation.

“The story begins when I married Elaine and we had been married for a while and we had this incredible love and concern and compassion for animals. There were thousands upon thousands to millions being euthanized because you couldn't find a home and all the public facilities were overwrought and could only do so much.”

In 1990 La Russa was managing the Oakland A's when a stray cat ran out onto the field and hid in the dugout. The next day animal control said they would have to put the cat down because there was no money to shelter it.  read more »



Planning your summer trip? There are a few destinations that won't be rolling out the welcome mat.

While you might be excited for your next destination, the people that call that place home might not be happy to see you. Because despite the money you filter into the local economy, some tourist hot spots are happier staying off the map. So to help figure out where you won't be feeling very welcome MSN Lifestyle has a list of the eight places around the world that hate tourists the most.  read more »

Avocados and Home Sales


Young people are struggling to find a home, and a taste for avocado might be partly to blame.

It's no secret that the price of homes all over the country have skyrocketed. What you could have bought for $600,000 twenty years ago will get you a condo the size of a large walk in closet today. And the struggle is especially real for first time home buyers who last year made up only 32% of purchases; the lowest number since 1987.  read more »

The Amazon of Stocks


Amazon, the incredible company that is upending traditional retail and driving consumers from malls to laptops, first sold shares to the public 20 years ago this week. And its stock price just hit yet another all-time high, giving me a new low in my ability to win on Wall Street. To help drive my fragile ego even lower, some analysts are predicting another 20% upside this engine of growth.

I’ve missed my fair share of winners on Wall Street, but this one is especially painful. Had I invested $1.00 in Amazon right after its Initial Public Offering in 1997 it would be worth $500.00 today, a huge return on a modest investment. Sure, we all have our stories of opportunities lost. But this one is personal. Here’s why.  read more »

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